Karczma Bełty will surprise you with its authentic historic interiors, while village Glinno will charm you by its landscape of a Waldhufendorf village.

The building of the inn is the oldest in the village. It was built at latest at the end of the seventeenth century as the seat of the local stewart or village official. It retained up to modern times the archaic system of cellar rooms to store brewed beer, a hallway, and a great room. In the early twentieth century it was converted into a tavern with a graceful, rose decorated main hall.

After half a century of neglect and destruction we restored it to its former appearance and function of a Lower Silesian inn. In order to freely enjoy its comfortable rooms we introduced a residential construction in the historic half-timbered walls of the attic and roof structure of the building.

Glinno is worth a visit. Welcome to Karczma Bełty!